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Founder's story

As a 4th generation regenerative farmer and an ag entrepreneur, Juan has weathered storms, both literal and figurative. Grants have provided a stable foundation to innovate, lead, and build operations even when cashflow was limited. Grant writing started as a job as Juan led funded projects for the Howard Buffett Foundation in East Africa, it became a source of funding for his own farm management company, and today it is a calling, as he leads a team of experienced agricultural grant writers. 

Juan is deeply passionate about linking farmers, ranchers and their partners to the funding and support they need to improve their environments, build communities, and strengthen food systems. Whether it is a small community garden or a full-scale ranching operation, there is a story to be told and organizations with the funds to make it a reality. That is what the Stray Acres team is here for!

My Mission

To align and connect front-line farmers and innovative ag companies to the right funding opportunities and support them in executing environmentally sustainable, high-impact, community building-projects.